Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graphic Exercise

Ha ha - not graphic that way!  I was playing with the Microsoft Excel Program because there is a way to type in numbers and make charts.  I have to do that with one of my research 'jobs' and I didn't know how - so I practiced with my exercise schedule.

I want to note that the walking times in my routine are extra.  They are not part of my fitness plan but days I added because friends asked me to walk with them.  I consider them social time.  I also take occasional bike rides that I consider recreation as opposed to exercise.  The chart does not include my bike riding for transportation. 
The weird thing is, I add the walks and rides to accommodate my friends and when they cancel - oh and they do - I feel compelled to go on without them because it was ON MY SCHEDULE!  Isn't that nuts.  I have the opposite problem of the majority of Americans, I'd say. 

BTW, recent cancellation excuses from my friends include; it's too hot, I'm stuck in traffic, I have my period, someone died.  So okay - sure, someone dying is acceptable

This chart was made for fun.  It is pretty accurate but likely not spot on!

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