Sunday, October 18, 2009

Statement of Intent

Statement of Purpose, Intent, Disclaimer

Hello. As you may know, my name is Deirdre. I am a health educator and I have a great passion for promoting behavior that can increase the odds of healthy active aging. I have been writing about wellness for almost ten years and recently incorporated videos on cooking and exercise into my program. As my blog and You Tube channel are growing and comments are increasing, I realize it is time for a statement of purpose, intent and liability.

First my credentials: My education is in child development, social work, gerontology, public health and tobacco. I have a master’s degree in public health and am a certified health education specialist. I am also a certified tobacco treatment specialist and have a certification for physical activity in public health from the ACSM. Additionally, I received a certificate on Health Promotion from the esteemed Cooper Institute in Dallas Tx. My additional training includes specialties on exercise, nutrition, and obesity prevention.(Note: in December 2013 I received my doctorate degree in Public Health)

I am NOT a nutritionist. I am qualified and capable of providing information on health, fitness, diet and tobacco cessation to broad audiences but am not licensed to give individual nutrition advice.

All of my research based information is still going to have my own slant to it and I take no personal responsibility or liability for what you choose to do or NOT do based on my content and links.

A special note for my food videos: they are for the specific purpose of teaching the volumetrics approach. Volumetrics involves choosing low energy dense (ED) foods over high ED foods and though penned by Dr. Barbara Rolls, it is being promoted by many nutrition professionals.

I promote calorie awareness. I advocate for nutrition labels on menus and vending machines. Please know that I focus on calories in the videos because of this belief and not for calorie micromanagement. (I do not endorse dieting or calorie restriction)

I cannot guarantee that a healthy lifestyle will prevent a specific disease, only that research supports that people who eat a mostly plant based diet, exercise daily and don’t smoke are much less likely to be obese and much less likely to have diabetes, heart disease or cancer.
Personally, I am a little extreme. It works for me and to be clear, that’s about ME.
So please read, learn, process and do what is best for YOU.  (updated March 27, 2014)

This information is presented in video format as well.

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