Saturday, September 22, 2012

NonDairy - Good Fat - No Sugar - Low Calories

   In my blog, I am more likely to make food 'group' recommendations than product recommendations - my most well known product rec being  Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter. 
   Today I will share the labels of two products - two brands, in one category that I do highly recommend.  Almond Milk. There is a continuing controversy over dairy products, esp. milk and if you are not allergic to nuts, this is a fantastic alternative.  It is better for several reasons.
   The reasons are calories, sugar and fat.  Taste may not be among the plus factors, because I am  suggesting the unsweetened versions ONLY.  Please don't go for the sweetened as those just add sugar. However, using the almond milks in recipes, cereal and coffee as opposed to drinking it straight is what I have in mind.  It is really best not to drink our calories anyways.
   Below are two labels.  One brand doesn't break down their fat content but both of them have fat without saturated fat.  Therefore,  the grams are all GOOD fat.  Please understand, there IS good fat and you need it.  These products give you healthy fat with calcium and without sugar.  The calorie content is very low.  The calories are half that of the same serving size of skim milk (90c).  The serving size is NOT small - it is one cup.   BTW, whole milk has ~140 cals, 2% ~ 130s, 1% ~110s.  Full disclosure - almond milk pales in comparison to skim milk with regard to protein.  Still, protein is not one of the nutrients that Americans lack so you'll be fine.
This is Almond Breeze.  It has better amounts of Good Fat
This is  Silk Pure Almond - More Expensive but better Calcium Percentage

I use almond milk in my oat bran, my cake and cereal bar recipes, and when I make sugar free instant pudding.

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