Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holy Memphis Calories Batman

Mom and I were enjoying a healthy dinner that I prepared (shiritaki noodles Mexican, kale and baby corn) when a Hardees commercial aired. 
As best I remember, the screen was mostly filled with the picture below  - but it showed a man with his hand on the sandwich and then taking bites of itHe looked very happy.  We both said, "Oh my gosh!"  And Mom said something about there being French Fries inside the bun, but they turned out to be onion rings.  When I showed her the picture she pointed out the pulled pork which I thought was just BBQ sauce.  Then she said, "there's a burger too?!"
Of course I looked up the information on the website and this is what I found.  First of all, there are three versions.  A 'little' one, a 1/3 burger and a monster burger.  The calorie, saturated (unhealthy) fat, and sugar grams are provided for each below, in order of size.  Sugar grams, you say?  Yes, me too.  I guess it is from the sauces.

Ger full nutrition information here.

  Calories  710
    Saturated Fat  14g
     Sugar 28g

  Calories 960
    Saturated Fat 19g
     Sugar  31g
 Calories 1000
    Saturated Fat 23g
     Sugar 31g
BTW, Mom did not finish her dinner because she said she was too full - her dinner had LESS THAN 200 calories and no saturated fat... that is what I call Volumetrics :) - well, Barbara Rolls, PhD calls it Volumetrics, but you know what I meant.  Low calorie, high nutrient density.  Its a healthy, yet filling, way to eat.

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