Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolve to Recycle More This Year

   The retail store Best Buy is a great resource for recycling products that you cannot recycle from home.  You can learn more about this by visiting their website and reviewing the lists of accepted items, here.  I first noticed the Best Buy service when I visited one of their stores in Florida last month.  As soon as you walk in, on the right, there are bins for smaller hazardous or special recyclables (e.g., batteries, ink, cell phones).  I am not sure if they recycle light bulbs - but remember not to throw them in your trash. 
   In a post late last year, I let you know that many curbside recycling programs allow you to recycle aerosol cans if the can is completely empty and you remove the nozzle.  I have learned that not everyone knew what I meant by remove the nozzle, so here is a picture of an aerosol can without the nozzle. 
The nozzle has been removed from this can - no one can spray with it now.
Do love your planet - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. (its okay for your "stuff" to be old and to have a worn look - I have been wearing the same clothes for ten years! Try to use your things until they just don't work anymore or they fall apart. This reduces waste.)

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