Tuesday, June 11, 2013

French Toast Compare

    My last post highlighted research that supports the idea that restaurant meals, in general and regardless of type (quick service, fast casual, sit down, chain or independent) contain excessive amounts of calories.  Recall that one study showed how eating all  3 main meals at restaurants, would lead someone to consume 1000 extra calories a day.
   Well I love to cook and show off my talent for calorie reduction so lets compare my french toast breakfast to two others.  One from IHOP and one for Denny's. 

   IHOP has several versions of French Toast.  One of them is called  Simple and Fit - so we can expect that one to be their least caloric version.  Some versions have over 800 calories!  You can check them all here. 
The Simple and Fit, shown below has 490 cals and 23 g of sugar.

  Denny's has a Fit Fare section on its menu, but doesn't include French Toast there.  Just in case your curious, they do have Fit Fare pancakes - how fit?  Not so much...780 calories.  Interestingly, that is the SAME amount of calories in their one French Toast dish.  See below.

    So how does the French Toast meal from Deirdre's Kitchen compare?  Quite exceptionally - I'd say... calorie and sugar wise.  None of these meals could be considered faultless.  For example, mine uses processed sugar free products  (Walden's Farms) and bread that isn't whole grain.  That being duly noted, we are talking about low calorie and low sugar today and so I WIN! 
 (with < 200 calories for my whole meal)

To be fair, this is a picture of a real plate of food that I quickly ate.
I did not use a food picture editor -or stage this with fake food!
   French Toast, Egg Beaters, Strawberries, and a Cereal Bar.  

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