Thursday, September 24, 2009


In response to an article regarding biofuels, a person wrote a letter to the editor opposing the use of corn as ethanol. It wasn't just any person. It was the CEO of Smithfield Foods. I read his letter and was being swayed against corn as an alternative fuel product, especially as he argued that the price of corn has risen significantly because of federal policy that drives its use. Mr. Pope argues against using a food crop in this manner. Well, that does make sense. It made more sense though when he noted the adverse effect this has on livestock who have corn as a staple in their feed. I do not want to deprive cows, horses, pigs and even chicken, of their food. Also, I do not myself eat those animals. Actually, I eat very little corn (only those baby corns) and no meat or poultry.

In the end however, Mr. Pope's rationale made me like the idea of using corn for fuel. He indicated that our current policy and those that increase ethanol mandates would adversely effect price, sales and I know he also meant consumption of cereals, meats and sodas!

Ah so Mr. Pope. Using corn for fuel could reduce the obesity rate (less red meat and foods sweetened with high fructose CORN syrup) in this country - and I thank you for pointing that out!

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