Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Time

Taking a few days to visit family who have gathered in my beloved Florida.  Though I often like to blog during my travels, especially in regards to keeping it healthy along the way, I expect to be busy with my school work on the plane and not to challenge the security personnel with my foods.  (so I am trying to keep it simple with pre-packaged items, but certainly I am traveling with snacks)

I have a few running and walking dates lined up and my mother and sister are ever so accommodating with regard to serving (me) light and healthy meals - thus I am in good hands.

I am struggling not to make any Debbie Downer comments for our day of gluttony - I mean Thanks, Day of Thanks - but I just can't do it - So taste everything, especially those things you only get once a year (my sister's advice really) and remember to stuff the turkey but not yourself :0

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