Thursday, October 13, 2011

Make the Time

I absolutely did not have time to go for my swim today - but I did it anyway.  The whole while I was walking up the stairs, into the locker room, changing my clothes - I thought - "I do not have time for this".  I was a nervous wreck and I reflected on my feelings as I felt them - thinking, also, of all the people who really don't want to exercise and have to talk themselves into it every single time.  My friends think I do not have those moments but I do.  I am convinced (by what I have seen with others and my past) that if you miss once, you will miss twice.  If you miss twice - it's over and that is just not an option.  So now I have to stay up later to get my work done - my health (physical and mental) is worth it.

I did not have time to go the bicycling advocacy group open board meeting tonight - but I didn't know when there would be another.  I know that I cannot simply complain about bike lanes and not participate in solution making.  I went (my first meeting) - did not stay the whole time, but learned some things.  I learned that cyclists police themselves a bit and get frustrated with aggressive riders who break rode rules.  I learned that car drivers really do not know what the laws are for bicyclists and that a lot of confusion leads to a lot of danger.  I spoke up about educating people on bike lanes.  When the discussion centered on drivers and educating both the riders and the drivers - I thought of cyclists using hand signals that drivers do not understand.  One person recalled a meeting he went to where the people in the audience were asked if they had ridden their bikes to school as children.  The younger the adults in the audience - the fewer the hands (i.e generation effect).

I do not have time to do my blog tonight.  My mom is coming for her very first visit to my little graduate student apartment- in the morning, and my house is not clean enough for her.  But blogging is what I do - so there it is....

Now, that floor needs a mopping :)

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