Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Perfect Recipe

   If you are interested in increasing your risk of heart disease and colon cancer.....  I have a deal for you.  Actually, Wendy's has a deal for you.  The Baconator.
   Recall that the nutritionists at HSPH recommend that we consume less than one serving of red meat per month.  The Baconator would cover the entire month and then some.  A standard serving of meat weighs 3 ounces.  This burger comes with two sources of red meat, one of which is processed.  It includes a full fat slice of cheese.  There are TWO 4 ounce burgers and SIX yes, SIX slices of bacon.  It doesn't even matter how many calories or grams of saturated fat are in this burger because the meats are the problem.  Still, nutrient content is my claim to fame so I will tell you.  It has 970 calories - the meats are served on buttered bread which adds to the sat fat content... 27 grams (total fat is much higher).   Trans fat is a rarity these days, but you can find it in this burger - 3 grams (guess you can't get it in NYC where TFAs are banned), and brace yourself, Wendy's signature burger contains 2020 mg of sodium (that would be considered mega high).  Yes, heart disease and cancer on a bun.
   Not to be undone, Hardees has grilled cheese bacon thickburgers, bacon cheddar french fries and a bacon swiss chicken sandwich.
  You can check out the nutrition info for those items here.  BTW one of the burgers is 2/3 of a pound or 10.5 ounces.

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