Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's Good for the Goose

Okay, not the goose, but the dog or cat.
    I recently heard a pet food commercial, which inspired this blog post.  I did not catch the product name and wasn't able to find it by searching keywords on the Internet, but that matters less.
    The gist of the advertisement is that many of the foods we give to our pets provide nutrients in the wrong proportions.  Specifically, I recall the spokesperson talking about protein and salt.  She suggests that pets need to have a balanced diet with the right proportions of nutrients.  This will ensure their health.
    I am pretty certain that the majority of pet owners, certainly those that consider themselves pet lovers, will at the very least, check the labels of the product they currently buy - and most likely, they will consider switching brands.  They will do this for their pets.  Their pets will have no choice but to eat the 'healthier' food.  The pets will feel loved.  :)

   The great irony is that the majority of pet owners are themselves consuming too much protein and salt - as well as calories, sugar and probably fat.  This out of proportion consumption steadily rose over the past 30 years and has contributed to the substantial number of Americans (~70%) who are over weight.
    We know that we are consuming too many calories, sugar, fat and too much salt - but it will take legislation - LAWS - to make us stop.  Isn't there some great irony in that?  Perhaps instead of fighting it, we should consider ourselves pets who need someone to feed us - for our own good, of course.  

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