Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shorter Messages Greater Impact

I am going to follow through on an idea I contemplated about a year ago - micro blogging. The main reason for this switch is that I need to concentrate on completing my dissertation (both the data analysis and the writing).  In addition, it makes sense to use shorter messages that are direct and useful.  There is such a thing as losing the reader in too many details, or so I am told by my adviser (:)).
Therefore, I am switching my health education to Twitter.  If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, it allows only 140 characters(letters) to be sent at one time.  
Here is an example of a 'tweet' I sent today:
Food Labels: The terms Healthy and All Natural do not mean low calorie. Often they don't mean healthy or natural either! Read your NFPs.
Tweets can also be in the form of pictures.  I sometimes send out pictures of low energy dense meals or baked goods.
In order to get these messages you have to sign up for a Twitter account if you don't already have one.  After you do this, you can choose other people or companies to follow as well.  For instance, I follow Yale's RUDD Center, Harvard Public Health and Boyd Swinburn.  You can choose how to have the tweets delivered to you.  I opt for an email once a week.  It lets me know if the people/groups I am following have posted anything. 
I am providing two step by step instruction guides for you.  One is in print, click here and the other is a You Tube video, click here.  Take your time setting up your account and remember you can change your preferences or cancel your account any time.  Oh, and then don't forget to follow me!

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