Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Best Pledge We Can Make

   I was at the school rec center last week when a few people were registering as guests. I overheard the staff person as he was asking them to sign a liability waiver. He said, 
"This just means that you are taking responsibility for your body."
    I smiled when I heard it and I have thought about it ever since.  What an awesome concept. What if every person, better yet, every middle school child, signed a pledge committing to take care of their body.
   This commitment could be similar to those kids make about not smoking or doing drugs.  DARE to be healthy, if you will.
   Even better, it could be something required of us, before we get health insurance. 
 I hereby agree to take care of my body.  I will eat well, exercise daily and avoid all forms (active and passive) of tobacco smoke.  I will consume alcohol responsibly and protect myself from environmental toxins/radiation (e.g., sun, xrays, pollution, coal emissions). 
(The government needs to help us out with the last few). 
 I do these things in order to prevent disease and to promote my healthy active life.  

   Now if we can find away to 'police' that... ok, enforce .. ok encourage... though my radical, nanny self wants to add, 
and if I willingly break this vow, I will be responsible for my own health care bills and or higher insurance premiums and copays!

   Seriously, I do pledge to do every thing in my power to live a healthy life and if by no fault of my own, I get sick.. I hope someone will take care of me :)  Ok - even if its my 'fault'... I hope someone will take care of me... just saying.

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drjarr said...

I love this!! Everyone should be taught this at a young age.