Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eat Them F&Vs

There is an organization whose members are weight loss professionals and researchers. The organization is called the Obesity Society. The annual meeting is this week and some of the topics were recently discussed in a USA Today article.

The gist of the presentation was the need for kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, with more of the later, and how to make that happen.

It goes back to something I said some blog posts back – a twist on the “don’t buy it and they won’t eat it” philosophy my mother likes to promote. (she doesn’t follow it, but she promotes it)

I am the “bring the healthy food and they WILL eat it” girl and that is what the researchers were saying at this conference. If we give our kids fruits and vegetables they will eat them. They may not like all of them, but they are much more likely to eat them if they are in front of them. (ya think? )

I have already let you know that there are recommendations for policy in regards to getting more produce into our school lunch programs. This article reminds us of something else. If you want your kids to eat healthy you best do the same.

And here is my last thought for the day. We (the government, states, and people) can SAVE billions of dollars by preventing obesity. They (pharmaceutical and diet product companies) can MAKE billions treating obesity. Wonder who has the most incentive and the most start up money.

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