Monday, October 5, 2009

when Brief Really Means Brief

Here is a brief word on something that we probably did not need a research study to determine.

Wearing high heeled or no heeled shoes over time can lead to foot pain that can limit your activity in later life…. AND … this condition is more common in women than men.

I remember telling you recently that researchers can review long term data from prospective studies and manipulate the information for associations for diseases and conditions that may not have been the original focus of the study. This information was delineated from the very famous Framingham Study.

One out of four people who wore these types of shoes had some foot pain in the ankle, Achilles or heel. Researchers have determined that it is better to wear shoes like tennis or athletic shoes most of the time. They also recommended that people who do wear the other type engage in some foot strengthening and stretching program.

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