Friday, October 9, 2009

Training Error add on

Later tonight when I would usually be composing my post, I will be attending one of the dance performances at the Ringling International Arts Festival in Sarasota Florida. Instead of writing at 11 or not writing at all, I thought I would just do a short bit about an AHA moment I had sometime after I posted on over training and over use injury in youth. Also, I am currently reading a research article about the benefits of IDPA - any idea? Okay I will tell you, Intense Domestic Physical Activity. I look forward to telling you more about that one tomorrow.

So here is my little light bulb from the other day. When people like me are sports specific and have to stop that activity for some reason, most of us want to stay as in shape as possible and will cross train. This is recommended, as I have said before, but here is the thing. If someone is a cyclist and has to stop cycling for some reason or length of time, and they jump in the pool and swim at the same LEVEL of intensity and duration as they did CYCLING they are going to have an injury because that is a training error! I believe that is what I did when I took a spin class and an aerobics class a couple months ago. I didn't approach the classes like the newbie I was, but like the runner I am. Well, that didn't go so well. I was so frustrated about pulling more muscles, but now I see, as my sister would say......."whoops". Actually she says it different than that, but you don't really need that back story! :)

Last night a coworker and I took a dance class at the gym. I DID hold back and so, we are both very sore this morning, in unusual places! but we are not injured. Gotta pay your dues, can't start at the high end. Got that! I sure do.

Until tomorrow then. Go do something fun....

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