Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harder, Longer, Stronger - Recall

Well, for goodness sakes I am near speechless. As you know, or as I've noted before, I am on an email list for FDA alerts. I am sure that I would have missed this one if not for the alert, but here it is. A product for male sexual enhancement that claims to be 100 natural (**** that doesn't mean safe, it means natural and natural only means minimally processed) was found to be contaminated through voluntary testing and a recall for certain batches is in effect.

I received the FDA alert and also read the company's press release. Then I went to the company website and that is where my mind sort of boggled. Okay, I can't even peruse the website without feeling stupefied. They advertise it as (a trademarked) "Sexticement", it works in 30 minutes and lasts 72 hours. It is a blend of several different herbals and is sold as a supplement. NO where on the website did I see mention of the recall. That is odd because in their own press release they talk about how serious they take that sort of thing and how they use an independent laboratory that is supposed to increase safety and purity. They blame the taint on one of their raw ingredients that came from China. Oh yeah, it has to be China's fault, I bet ALL the ingredients come from China and it is probably bottled there too!

Anyways, the FDA reports that tests found an undeclared ingredient in the product and though the FDA doesn't regulate supplements it can take action if they are not what they say they are. In this case, the unidentified ingredient is a derivative of Sildenfil aka Cialis.

Men with certain conditions can experience extremely low blood pressure and that is why the Cialis commercials have a disclaimer. The FDA alert didn't say as much as the Rock Hard Laboratories press release did. In the press release it is said that men with certain conditions often take medication that lowers their blood pressure and can thus have fatally low blood pressure if taking ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs. Rock Hard Weekend is not supposed to be a drug. Anyways, the press release goes on to say that men with the following conditions often find themselves sexually compromised - high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

We might not be able to help the 60 plus year old men, but it is time to tell the teens - eat right and exercise, your penis will thank you later!

As for the Rock Hard Weekend, well you can get your money back - learn more from the FDA website.

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