Friday, November 20, 2009

Hold Everything..

Okay, maybe not everything, but you could hold the stuffing or at least hold your weight - steady, until the New Year.

Hold the Stuffing is a contest that is played in some form or another at many businesses at this time of year. The point of the "challenge" is to support people who have made strides in obtaining a healthy weight, even if they are not at their goal weight yet. Health Promotions staff encourage people to just keep things even and enjoy the holidays.

This means that the person is not to try to lose weight over the next six or seven weeks, but it ALSO means that they are not to gain any either. The threshold is 2 pounds. The "contestants" cannot go up OR down more than two pounds from their start weight. The weight needs to be taken before Thursday November 26th.

You can play with teams and go by a group weight or you can do it individually. We are doing it individually at my small office and I created a tracking tool for each person to use. I will link it here and you will be able to play too if you like. Just print the form, get your weight and be mindful of your eating.

That being said and Thanksgiving a mere few days away - let me share some things my sister has learned from her Weight Watchers class. (everyone knows that if they tell me something they risk seeing it in a future blog post)

One thing that the program has its members do is think of all the things they would like to eat on the day and to portion them out on a paper plate. Actually take a plate and write in the things you are going to eat. Hopefully, you will make the lower calorie items take up more space than the high calorie ones. My sister shared something else which I REALLY like and that I include on the tracking sheet. That is to "control what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat." I have been doing this for years and years and I highly recommend it.

Do taste lots of things on your holiday, just don't eat so much of them! Also, be careful because some items have more calories than you can possibly imagine!

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