Friday, November 13, 2009

What, Why and How

Just a brief post as my hair dries before my "night" on the town...

Cardiovascular Exercise

1) Exercise that involves the large muscles with large movements that is intended to increase your heart rate for an extended period of time.

2) Cardiovascular has to do with our heart and lungs. The heart pumps blood that we need to live and the lungs supply our oxygen. Cardiovascular exercise improves the performance of our heart and lungs. This is a GOOD thing.

3) Start low and slow. Use low impact activities like walking and cycling. Work up to twenty minutes a day three days a week. From there, try to do some cardiovascular exercise every day, but vary the activity and increase the intensity. When walking, add a few minutes of running. When cycling find some hills! Take an aerobics or dance class. Learn a new sport. When you are exercising most days of the week, and still only doing 20 or 30 minutes, then add minutes! Another thing to do is add times! Walk 20 minutes two or three times a day instead of one 60 minute session.

I said dance didn't I? Okay then, best I get ready to go and hear that band now.

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