Sunday, November 8, 2009

Odds and Ends

Metabolism: I addressed this just a day or so ago, however, today I saw a magazine cover with this teaser, "Is your metabolism broken?" And my immediate thought to that was, "NO. You need to exercise!."

Liposuction: I heard an add for the best or safest liposuction method and thought, "That is an oxymoron." I do not equate this or those take inches off in an hour techniques to be anything but foul hardy.

Weight Training: I am re reading some of my old books. Inside them I have found articles and notes including training regimens for myself. Holy COW, I was pretty intense before running took over. Even so, I was NEVER bulky and neither will you be if you lose weight and then strengthen your muscles.
(picture is circa 2002)

Anti role models: Back in July I mentioned some older women that I saw at the PGA National Spa in Florida. They were getting ready for their dance class and talking about the instructors and such. By their speech, I deduced that they were well educated, perhaps privileged and as I said, older. They looked fantastic and had incredibly positive energy. Today at my gym, I walked into an older woman (in the dressing room) who did not look so well put together and I sort of thought, "Oh Dear, Scare Me." And YET, she WAS at the gym so she is a role model in that regard.

Speaking of Role Models: One morning this week I saw an older woman walking, early in the morning and for exercise. She was leaned to the right, as if she had perhaps had a stroke in the past. She was out there walking and all I could think of was people who say, "Oh I am too tired, too busy, too lazy, too...." and how shamed they should be.

Relevance: Sometimes even I do not heed the medical information that I share with you. My biggest short coming is protecting myself from sun damage. However, when someone else suffers a consequence or scare, I do have enough sense to learn by their experience. A friend recently pointed out a scab on her head, under her hair, where she had a biopsy as her doc was concerned about skin cancer. Since that day I have worn my hat (not visor) when running and bought a straw hat to wear at the beach. I also write about bone health a lot and forget sometimes that I am IN the high risk group. It is for that reason I have returned to more focused and serious weight or resistance training.

Protective Factors: I have been working with my niece to develop a website. One of my subjects was protective factors. This is the working list.
Sunscreen and Hats
Seat belts
Fruits and Vegetables

And that brings to end another week -

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