Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hepatitis C - A test worth taking?

    In this recent post, I introduced the concern raised by the CDC and other health officials regarding possible undiagnosed cases of hepatitis C in those born between 1945 and 1964.  This group of 'baby boomers' may have engaged in high risk behavior in their twenties but spent much of the rest of their lives in low risk situations.  Both the person and their primary care physician (if they have one) are not connecting the earlier risk behavior with possible current hepatitis C status.  People of this age range, 47-67 may have contracted the disease years ago.  It is likely that many who were exposed to the virus have not cleared it from their systems.  I expect the number to be smaller (the amount exposed), but the CDC is worried.  They want everyone, with and without risk factors, to be tested.
   My thoughts on this have not changed since my blog post in May but the recommendation for testing has grown louder and stronger, with the CDC presenting more urgency today.  This was shared on tonight's Nightly News with Brian Williams. 
    {please note that I have NO expertise in this area and am only expressing my opinion on the suggestion that everyone be tested.  Those who have engaged in IV drug use or had a blood transfusion during that time period should strongly consider the personal value of a test.}
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