Sunday, August 12, 2012

Odds and Ends

Water Conservation - Beverage Heroes?  A story from the Associated Press (AP) caught my attention yesterday.  It was published in many papers so you might have caught it.  The largest beverage companies are spending millions of dollars to assure that certain land areas are NOT developed and that the proper care of watersheds is administered.  The conservation efforts are intended to protect the companies bottom lines - the products they sell.  Beverages are predominately water.  I understand that their motive is self satisfying but the outcome is beneficial to everyone and I applaud the efforts.  Here is a link to the story from one of many sources.
Weight Control Success You are probably aware that individual research experiments and the National Weight Control Registry support the assertion that people who are successful at maintaining weight loss use self monitoring techniques.  They keep track of their intake of calories.  The level of monitoring (every calorie or just general daily calories) is not as important as the awareness of what one is eating. Because we spend almost 50% of our food budgets on away from home meals and calorie monitoring is a successful weight control technique, it is vital that we have calorie content available on menus and menu boards.  Lets get the final rule written and the numbers on our menus!  (FDA delay)
Eye Drop Application Here is another thing you may know, but just in case you don't I will share it.  Actually there are two things. As noted previously, I have sun damage to my eyes.  The condition is called pinquela.  My whites are discolored (this makes me sad).  The eye doctor suggests that I use drops every day.  He told me this two years ago, so I got some Visine.  When I saw him in July he said "NO!  That is the opposite of what you need."  Ooops.  So for dry, damaged, scratchy eyes, lubricant drops are helpful.  I bought the store brand after I used up the sample he gave me. (But only after I compared the ingredients labels).  Anyways, I also told him that I had trouble administering the drops.  I would blink before the drop reached my eye.  So - here is the technique.  With your eye closed, squeeze a drop in the corner (where your tear ducts are) then tilt back and open your eye, lean sideways, and the drop rolls right in!
NFL and Disease Prevention Somewhere along the line, I signed up to receive occasional emails from the NFL.  This would be precipitated by my love of the NYG - whom I shall see play in person next month!  In July,  I received one of the emails and it was announcing a new Wellness Initiative for current and former players, coaches, team members and families.  The main focus appears to be mental health.  This may be a response to suicides and family conflict that plagues some of the players.  Though it includes physical health - that may be related more to injuries (including concussions) that can turn in to disabilities than chronic disease prevention.  The program includes a 24 hour hot line for members in crisis.  You can learn about it by clicking here.  I can't imagine this being a bad thing.  I hope that it helps.

Lastly my weekly exercise chart.  I didn't share it last week, but I add it today to highlight the near absence of any red columns!  That is running.  I did manage 15 minutes, but clearly I am not healed so I stopped. I hope for more red next time.  BTW, for those who have followed my swimming trials and tribulations.. just once a week, okay just this semester, Oh, if the pool is closed, its not my fault, YAY!, okay twice a week, okay three times a week.. Well, the whole Rec Center is closed this week and I am thinking of paying to swim at the Y.  Clearly I made it past the six months (now two years) time that makes something a habit.

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