Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Your Numbers - Your Risks

   Before we move on to another topic, I want to assure myself that the information I shared with you yesterday made some kind of impact.
Fats - Trans Fats (header)
from the American Heart Association website
   Did you view any food labels today?  Were the trans fat grams high or low?  If they were not 0 to 0.5  then they were high.
   Do you have any existing health condition that makes avoiding trans fat especially important?  (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes)
   Is there any reason to avoid trans fats if you do not have those conditions?  YES.  Do normal weight people need to avoid trans fats? YES.  Do people who exercise every day? YES.
   Not sure what I am talking about?  Maybe you missed yesterday's post. You can review it here.


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