Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let the Head Scratching Cease

This is not another attempt on my part to leave you guessing - nor is it a blog about preventing or treating head lice. Nope. My goal for tonight's post is simple. I will explain what I was talking about yesterday!

The title was, You Can Choose NEITHER.
I then told you about recent reports on tobacco and obesity related health outcomes. Tobacco users, it is said, are more likely to die early. On average they die 14 years sooner than is expected and our life expectancy (USA) is around 77 these days.
Obese persons do not necessarily lose actual life years, but they lose quality life years. Obese persons often have debilitating conditions that limit functioning and require long term medication. It is said that obesity is more of a burden to our economy than tobacco has been.

And my point was... Instead of a dying young or dying slow - you can choose NEITHER! By maintaining a health promoting weight and not using tobacco you significantly increase your odds of living a long AND active life.

sigh - using tonight's post to explain last nights was inspired by my friend Paula.. who is no longer scratching her head!

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