Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have not forgotten Hurricane Katrina and how it devastated Louisiana. I remember feeling ashamed and dumb stuck at my own country's inability to allow others to help. I am still stunned by how inadequate our own response was and how to this day, people continue to suffer. I recall it now because of the exponentially worse but no less horrific case of Haiti. I made a donation for both, as well as the Indonesian tsunami. We must do what we can. From here - watching, it does seem that whatever powers there are in Haiti, they are not too proud or too cruel to let others in and for that I am grateful.

I chose this time, to make my donation to the charity below. It is a four star charity, which means that 90% of the money it receives actually goes to aid and succor. You can find a list of other 4 star charities that are involved in Haitian relief at the Charity Navigator site.

Please consider a donation. Alms giving is good for your health.

CARE :: Defending Dignity, Fighting Poverty

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