Sunday, January 24, 2010

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends is pretty cool, and I think that I should keep doing it. I am also thinking that it is supposed to be easy and I keep making myself think too much. So here is an idea. I keep O&E on the weekend, but I give up Saturday or Sunday all together so I have a six day blog, not a seven day one. Or I just might be over tired today... anyways.

Fruit Cups: I was at an event during which lunch was served. The people attending were of various ages. I looked up at one point and noticed happily that the young persons all had cups of fruit. In front of them at another table were two overweight older women and both of them had cookies. I did mention how awesome it was that the young persons were eating fruit! I said this maybe before I realized that the ladies were not. One said something about her bad choice and I concurred in a way, saying that the youth were roll modeling for the adults. And they were. (I am not the food police. The women spoke of their struggles with regulating food intake. It is sad and hard for me because I like the women and want them to be healthy)
Short Cuts Don't Help: At a popular place for walking I noticed a person get out of her car and instead of walking to the sidewalk at the stop light to then go on the mile walk over the bridge, she cut through the grass and up the embankment. She obviously came there to exercise and then took about a 100 steps off the walk. My question is WHY, why shorten your workout like that? There are NO shortcuts to health, people.
Self Efficacy: At first thought, you might think that self efficacy, self confidence and self esteem are the same thing, but they are not. Self esteem and self confidence really cannot be willed "improved." Self efficacy, which is often discussed in regards to behavior change, CAN be nurtured and expanded in such a way as to increase ones self confidence and self esteem. Self efficacy is one's belief in their ability to do something. There are several ways to boost it. One is to successfully do something, so set achievable goals. The more things a person has accomplished or survived, the more that they believe they can do or endure. Also, one's belief in their ability to do something can be increased if they see someone very similar to themselves doing that same thing. People who encourage a person also build their self efficacy as does the trickier interpretation of results. What I mean by that is knowing that what you did led to the outcome that is positive For me the simplest example is knowing that my body is tired because I accomplished a certain physical activity goal which is making me stronger. I am a much more confident person in my 40s than I was in my 20s and 30s and I owe this to a exponential improvement in my feelings of self efficacy.
Time to Exercise: I was the speaker at a training this weekend. At a break someone was telling me their story of losing 50 pounds and striving to be healthier. She asked me if I worked out and a discussion ensued between several of us. At some point, then or later, I cannot be sure, one of the participants said to me, "You seem to work a lot, when do you find time to exercise?" And you know, it isn't even EVER a question. I don't consider my exercise to be something I will do if I have time. My exercise is how I start most of my days and everything else can wait.

ok, Minn is still playing as I blog - and I am forecasting the Vikings and the Colts for the 44th Super Bowl. This sucks because a Manning is always worth routing for - and yet, I am a fan of the Giants who are an NFC team.... so that is it, the Vikings have my support.... of course, if the Saints win.... Peyton gets me back...

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