Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Video Treat for the Winter Storm

It appears that my friends in NC are snowed in and according to the Governor, in a state of emergency. My NC friend Lee Ann sent me a recipe some weeks ago and I finally got around to revising and taping it today. It truly looks scrumptious and warm and filling, but at the same time, it is extremely low in energy density - meaning - if you ate the whole thing yourself it would still be a low calorie meal! I edited the video trying to get it down below the You Tube 10 minute limit, and failed. I think it is about 11 minutes, so not only do you all get to see it first, the blog may be the only venue for it! So by all means, do share this on your Face Book pages... can't let good food go to waste NOW!

(if you are an email subscriber and the video doesn't play, just click on the blog link at the end of the email and it will take you to the blog site)

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