Friday, April 20, 2012

The High Price of Whole Foods

I made dinner for a group this week.  My goal for the meal was to highlight a nutritious low calorie vegetable - prepared in a way the maintains the nutrition, tastes good and does not add calories.

My choice this month was kale, fresh kale.  I discovered kale about a year ago when my sister steamed it for me with some fish.  It was delicious.  Its a meaty green - but less 'meaty'  than chard.  It needs to be fresh or it does not taste the same.

My preferred method of preparation, after rinsing it well in the sink and cutting off several inches of each stem, is to season with cumin and simmer with a bouillon cube (vegetarian or chicken).

I have purchased kale at Walmart, but it scares me a little (enough not to want to risk it when serving to others).  I have also bought it at an upper end grocer, Harris Teeter.  (I would buy it at a farmer's market in a second if one were near by).

I was headed to Harris Teeter Tuesday when I noticed that the new Whole Foods store had opened.  I went in  to get my vegetarian proteins (usually cheaper) and also scoped out the kale.  It was locally grown, as it is at the other store, and was being sold in bunches.  The kale was priced at 2.49 a bunch.  I had to feed 25 people.  I couldn't do it, too expensive.
I went over to Harris Teeter and the kale was loose and priced at 1.99 a pound.  I filled two huge bags which cost less than one bunch at Whole Foods.

That my friends - is ridiculous.

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