Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Tube and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

I am attempting to embed a power point presentation into my blog.  Consider this a test.  I am using a hosting site call Scribd.  Using the blog or the host site means that you do not have to download the presentation or have any special program to view it.
The power point itself - the slide show - has links to the internet that you can click on while viewing. 

 [I do not think the presentation will show up in an email message so if you receive this blog in email format, you will have to come to the Your Health Educator website just click on the hyperlink in your mail message].

Below is the presentation I entered in the Graduate Student Creativity Expo at my university .  If the slide show is not here - or fully operating (there are over 20 slides) then click on the You Tube for Weight Control link above it and that should take you to the hosting site.  That is If you want to see the presentation.  IF you don't care to see it just come back tomorrow and I will have found something else to talk about :)

You Tube for Weight Control

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