Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Healthy Is Your State/County?

I can't believe it has been another year - but it has and the results are out.  You can look up your state and the county where you live.  You can compare the county rankings on overall health or particular factors.  For example, Sarasota Co is the 3rd healthiest of 66 counties in Florida.  You can look at disease, early death, low birth weight. You can also look at things like obesity and physical activity.  You can even see which county has the most access to healthy foods!  A table lists the number of zip codes in the area and the number of zip codes with access to healthy foods and creates a ratio.  Pretty awesome.
Explore it yourself by clicking here.

(BTW - I heard today that the BMI is not capturing the true extent of the countries obesity rates and we are actually fatter than we thought - great)

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