Sunday, April 15, 2012

Side Effects that Make You Giggle

That isn't really fair, maybe not true - the side effects didn't make me laugh as much as the blog title from a Motley Fool post did.

In case you haven't heard, two drugs made by Merck - one for baldness and the other for an enlarged prostate - are getting label revisions.  Additional side effects that did not present themselves in the original drug approval trials appear to be common enough to warrant this label change.  Interestingly, the new message involves a sexual triple threat - loss of desire, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

I link you to an article from the AFP that gives more details and also the financial post that I thought quite clever.  In the latter, Brian Orelli notes the quandary related to Propecia, the male baldness drug.  Apparently, the drug does work with regard to preventing or reversing hair loss.  Mr. Orelli notes that men usually take the drug because good hair is a relationship plus thus the title of his post, "More Hair, Less Reason for It," and my giggle.

BTW - and again I say to you, we are an over medicated society and drugs have side effects.  Of course, you know what the drug industry and the doctor will say to the guy suffering from ED from his prostate or hair loss drug - "Here, take some Viagra." And what of those side effects?  
Well, There is a pill for that too and every thing under the sun.

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