Saturday, December 18, 2010

High Cost of Health

No not health care, but being healthy, specifically eating low calorie or energy dense foods in order to moderate energy intake and weight.  Why would you watch intake and weight?  To prevent chronic disease states such as heart disease and diabetes, that is why.

I have made comments regarding the cost of processed foods - where the manufacturer reduces calories by adding water or artificial sweetener or reduces the serving size and then charges a dollar more for the product.

Currently I am working my way through an article by Goldberg and Gunasti (2007) which is interesting but I have a ways to go. I bring it up today because they noted that the burden on schools which try to improve the nutritional value of foods is significant.  In one example, low fat cheese slices cost 4 cents more each, over full fat cheese.  Now multiply that over an entire school district and it can be a deal breaker.  Perhaps - if all the schools stopped buying full fat cheese, the prices would reverse! 

Remember consumers, you are the target of marketing campaigns but are not powerless - the wallet talks!

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