Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Adjusting

Hello Readers
I just wanted to post something, though I really don't have a topic.  I have traveled to Florida for the Holiday and had to adjust to a new routine.  I also have a product to deliver to my Graduate Program Director before the January faculty meeting which has kept me busier than I had expected.  (This includes the two hours of lost content that apparently was sucked into some Internet wormhole.  My friends tell me that Macs don't have wormholes, but I am not ready for that kind of change just yet.)

First thing I did do when I arrived was get to the grocery store for some healthy comfort foods and the next was to  get a ten day membership at my old fitness center. I love that gym and I have to tell you, working out with men and women my own age is a wonderful welcome change.  I just know that I have to get unused to all of this again next month -back to my cave like dwelling in the cold.

I am still trying to do some reading on my favorite health related topics, but the work assignment has usurped my time and energy. 

With the Christmas holiday just days a way, and a family who celebrates close at hand, I expect my blogging will be pushed aside.

If so, please know that every post I write is one I enjoy and bringing news, along with a good dose of opinion, to all who read these pages, is one of my greatest pleasures.

Take good care then and enjoy the season and the people with perhaps a little restraint on the over indulgence - if you can...

Best ~

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