Monday, December 20, 2010


In my research proposals, I talk about relevancy, access and opportunity with regard to making obesity related progress with our programming.  I want to be clear that those three things are not necessarily within an individual's control.  I think that any one of the three might have degrees of influence and power. It varies within people and across the place, the politics and the circumstance.  Even the relevancy is shaped by the environment to more or less of an extent.  There is just so much influence from the market and from our peers who are influenced by their peers and family and again, the market (advertising).

Still, what does get a person to pay attention when they have the opportunity to make a change or take advantage of a resource like a menu label or a fitness trail?  What will motivate a person who has the means to change?

I saw something today that seems useful. It was a pretty smart social/health marketing type of advertisement on the screen of a cardio equipment monitor.  I mean the TV attached to a treadmill at the gym.  The ad was simple.  It showed a burger dripping with cheese and sauce in a bun and then a gym scene.  It had an arrow pointing towards the burger that said, "Are the decisions your making out there" pointing now to the gym, "going to get you the results you want in here?"  Or something like that - pretty slick - I may have to steal it.  And it is a question you might ask yourself when you are indulging next year.

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