Sunday, December 19, 2010

Odds and Ends

Fast Food - Why don't restaurants offer 1/2 price or two for one deals on the healthy items?

Keyboards - I bought a new keyboard (well, my mom did) and it has a warning label regarding repetitive motion injuries. I suppose this is to protect Microsoft from carpel tunnel lawsuits.

CNN - There was a special report recently regarding lap band surgery and the company that is hoping the FDA will revise the guidelines on qualification.  In other words, making it so people somewhat less obese (lower BMIs) can still have the invasive surgery.  Some of the same arguments that I made a week or two ago, against this proposal, were offered by the "experts."

Alcohol-  I am subscribed to receive the Harvard School of Public Health's nutrition updates.  Most recently the email referred to alcohol. The timing was purposeful.  Some of us drink more during the holiday period, which is bad for the waist line but also - in extremes, it is bad for overall health.  To read more about both the good and bad of alcohol, you can click here.

Exercise-  Many countries and particular areas within them, are having unusually cold and wet winters.  If you find yourself stuck inside, Netflix has a good number of fitness videos which allow you to get up and get the blood flowing, if nothing else, for 30 to 45 minutes at a time.  I am certainly taking advantage of them.

Madness!!!  - I took a break while working on this post to show my mother the free games that came with her new HP laptop.  I almost fell off my chair when, as the game was loading, a dialogue box ran through I list of feelings that I might be experiencing that I should talk to my doctor about - as brought to me by some pharmaceutical company selling an antidepressant medication.  This was on a home computer!  - Big Pharma is everywhere. Why isn't the USDA telling me that I should eat less calories and more vegetables while I wait for my page to load?!  Why aren't they???

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