Friday, January 6, 2012

Beware the Food Bargains

(First - I did not blog yesterday because after I wrote my last post and viewed it in my email - I saw how very long it was. I heard my Mother's voice "Sometimes they are too long and people get tired of reading."  Hence, I gave you an extra day to absorb it.  I really loved that post myself!)

As you prepare to live a healthier 2012, the purveyors (suppliers) of calorie dense (high fat high sugar), nutrient poor foods are looking for ways to increase their sales.  In other words, they are out to sabotage your efforts and their strategies will be especially directed at persons with limited incomes.

I came across an article on a financial webpage which describes some of the tactics, such as the dollar menu (and more meat(i.e. even bigger portions)) as well as ten dollar pizza's, coupon books, cheaper buckets of chicken and promises not to raise prices.  You can see the story here.

I hope that you will not succumb to their tricks, gimmicks, ploys or strategies because what the special ads do not tell you is how many grams of fat and sugar the items contain, nor what large amounts of calories and sodium(salt) they have.  I believe it was the same news story that offered this link, but here you can see a picture of some of the highest calorie items along with the numbers.

So I offer you another thing to add to your list of 2012 commitments - packing your own meals. 
I hope that in the future, a future I plan to impact, foods that are nutrient dense and lower in calories will be offered as two for one deals and found on dollar menus.  I hope that  coupon books - like the two I received this week (BK and McDs) will include salads and healthier items for cheap prices, too.

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