Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's the Flour and Sugar

This is the word.  As you know from many past posts, my favorite nutrition scientist (and professor) is Walter Willett from Harvard University School of Public Health.  The HSPH had a press release on January 12 in which Dr. Willett says this:
 “Unfortunately, many well-motivated people have been led to believe that all fats are bad and that foods loaded with white flour and sugar are healthy choices. This has clearly contributed to the epidemic of diabetes we are experiencing and premature death for many."
 The press release highlights the need for whole grains and good fats as part of a health promoting diet.  Recipes are offered as are comparisons to other muffins.  
The recipes are worth a look as are the ones that I have posted on You Tube, however, mine do not contain any heart healthy fats - mine are 100% fat free.

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