Monday, January 16, 2012

Switching Bad Habits for 'Good' Ones

There is a difference between nasty or bad habits and good ones.  We are often enticed to learn about the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, for example.  So we agree - a habit, routine, regimen, something you ALWAYS do, can be a positive thing.

This is the case with health.  Adopting practices that will reduce your risk of disease and improve your chance for healthy active aging is smart.  

Sometimes your routine may include a habit that is good practice but for some reason needs to be revised.  It is good to brush your teeth every day (at least twice) and you should do this for the rest of your life!  Of course, if you are brushing them wrong or with the wrong type of brush or paste, then you should switch - even though you have always done it the other way... Now you will always do it 'this' way.

Many people enjoy a drink of alcohol after a days work.  In regards to health, there is some evidence that one drink (and the definition for what a drink is -  4 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer or 1.5 ounces of liquor) can have a positive impact on health (not for all people however).
I have family and friends who enjoy too much alcohol.  I myself have had periods in my life where I also drank too much.  I am very careful not to do that now.  Remember, it is not just the impact on your system and organs but also your waistline that is of concern.
I have a drink on the weekend (sat and sun).  If I go out to dinner during the week, I may also have A drink (but this is rare).  I have my drink at 630ish because dinner is 730ish.  These times change with my life phases, it is just the routine I am in these days.
On weekday evenings, I have a cup of hot tea and a little snack (the same 100 calories that would be in my alcohol {because I have one light beer or one fresca whisky sour whenI drink}) at this 630 time, while thinking of what to prepare for dinner.  
I tend to look forward to 630 on all seven days of the week because whatever the 'treat,' it is calming to me and isn't that why many people drink?  To unwind or relax?

Just letting you know, substitutes can help.

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