Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Promoting Moderation

As many of you may have heard by now, the celebrity chef Paula Deen appeared on the NBC Today show today and announced that she has type two diabetes.
If you will recall from this post, diabetes onset is triggered by a high fat diet and one of the the body's responses is the inability to manage blood sugars.  Diabetics have circulatory problems which lead to heart disease.
Paula Deen is famous for her high fat recipes and today when asked about changing the way she eats, she indicated that she always tells her audience that moderation is key.  (It is also being said that she has been sick for some time while continuing to 'peddle' her less healthy creations.
I wonder if people realize that when you moderate something you LESSEN it.
It was also disclosed, and I heard this from 1) my nephew on FAcebook and 2) Brian Williams the news anchor, that Paula Deen is a paid spokesperson for a diabetes drug maker.

I will leave you with the great words of wisdom that my young adult nephew had for Ms. Deen-
"Join Weight Watchers!!!"

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