Friday, January 13, 2012

FOP Labeling Goes On

Busy day for my assistantship work so this will be a brief post.

I stopped at a higher end grocer yesterday to grab a few things on my way home from class.  They had some frozen vegetables on sale and I wanted a bag of cauliflower so I grabbed one.  Tonight as I was opening the bag, I noticed these strange pictures and letters, like EV and LS.  Looking more closely, I realized that it was some type of front of pack labeling system.  Of course , it was not the standardized and simple format that is recommended by the IOM.
It looked like this:

I noticed that the heart healthy part was explained on the back of the pack, seen here.

But the clincher, which has nothing to do with FOP systems, were these words...
'product of Mexico'

Hence - I can get the same product for a lot less money if I shop at Wal-Mart - which I usually do.

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