Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bicycle Diaries

Two stories does not a diary make - but it was a catchy title.

As I was walking around the block the other day (as to not sit for more than an hour at a time), an older neighbor was riding his bicycle.  I had seen him before - he just seems to be killing time, not cycling for transportation or fitness.  I believe that he has seen me riding my bike to class.  On this particular day he said something about my not being on my bike and I said, "Oh, I just got back from riding it to the grocery store."  Which was true.  And, I had to add, because it was also true, "But I was wearing a helmet." (as he was not) His response to that was something like, "I go too slow for that to matter."   I replied, "Your speed doesn't matter when the car hits you!"

My second story has to do with the cycling group that I met up with about a year ago.  They are a mixed group, my age and older and super welcoming.  Some of them have body shapes that are atypical for cyclists.  A reason for this could be ascertained from an email one of the riders sent out yesterday, HOURS before the ride was to start....
"Looks like rain. I am bailing for ride this eve. But if anyone wants to meet. Hams Battleground Ave for $3 burger at 6pm."

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