Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weight Training in Pictures

Ok - let me give this a try.  My muscles are still sore from Monday but should be ready for another workout tomorrow - followed by a swim.

As you know I work all body parts in one routine.  I am focused on retaining strength and size, but not actively trying to build.  I do not dedicate enough time to build nor do I fuel myself with that in mind.  I say this for those of you who consider weight training as a taboo because you don't want to bulk up.  Trust me, no one bulks up by accident.

So Monday's routine which I will do four or more times :

Chest - I used an apparatus that is part machine and part free weights, as you do add weight plates.  I believe I only used 30 pounds.  This is a chest press.  I did three sets of 8-10 reps. The machine I used is similar to the one shown here.

Biceps - I used free weights this time, dumb bells.  I believe I have already explained the pyramid.  I did hammer curls, 10 reps with 10 lbs, 8 reps with 12 lbs, 6 reps with 15 lbs (each hand!).  And then back down. You can see someone doing hammer curls here.

Back - I did two exercise for my back - hitting the mid back (lats) and the low back.  I did two sets (8-10 reps) of 40 lbs with the pull down and two sets of 10 reps with the low row. My gym does not have the machine show here, so I used the same bar (in my hands) but sat on the floor at a universal cable machine.

Triceps - I am giving this muscle group a break for the next two weeks of routine, so I just used the triceps push down machine.  I did 3 sets of 10 reps with 70 lbs. The machine I used was similar to this one.

Shoulders - I have an injured right shoulder so I am trying to give it a rest, though it is hard because it is engaged when I do other activities.  Here I just used one arm and did front and side raises with only a 5 lb dumbbell.  It just doesn't make sense to push one shoulder! I did something similar to this, but I do not raise my arms as high and I also raise to the side.

Legs - I move from upper to lower body when I work out so that I can keep going.  So between all of the above, I did quadriceps work, squats, glutes and abs.  I did stomach work that I can't find a picture of, but if you go to this link, there are many ideas for you to try out.

Squats - I did four sets with a similar machine.  I did two sets of 10 reps with 10 extra lbs and two sets with 20 extra lbs.  I think. 
Quads -I did three sets of 8 reps with 40 lbs.
Glutes - Well I can't find this one.  It is a standing machine.  You use one leg at a time.  I used 40 lbs - 2 sets of 10 reps. It is a standing kick back machine- one leg at a time.  

Wow - that took a lot longer than I thought!

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