Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tobacco Diversification

Tobacco companies are choosing to diversify as fewer Americans are choosing to smoke. Reynolds American is exploring smokeless tobacco products, like Snus and dissolvable products like orbs, strips and sticks.  I have discussed these non cigarette products in the past.

Recently, tobacco company Lorrilard (known for Kools and based in NC) announced that it has purchased a company that makes electronic or e cigarettes.
I do NOT like these devices which heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco) with a battery and allow smokers to inhale a vapor of  nicotine and other chemicals.  Learn more about them here

My reason for writing about it today has to do with something that a reporter said when announcing the purchase.
She correctly stated that the e cigarette was regulated as a tobacco product not as a medication (which is the less restrictive option) but then she said that e cigarettes were often used as a cessation (stop smoking) aid.


One cannot have it both ways.  In order for the e cigarette to be marketed as a medication it has to prove safety and efficacy through drug trials. It has not and thus cannot and it isn't -  by the way- safe (probably not effective either).

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