Thursday, May 31, 2012

Putting Your Fruit Where the Cookie Was

I attended a community forum tonight - the second part of the one I mentioned early this month (where they had two cookies trays and only one fruit tray).  There was no food this time, which in my opinion, is better than calorically dense nutrient poor food.

This particular group of folks is focused on providing food for our community poor.  One way is in assisting food pantries in disseminating whole foods and better foods by soliciting donations from stores, farmers and restaurants. Not exactly what my research interests involve, but it is a worthy venture to be sure.

Tonight we sat in small groups and brainstormed ideas to address food insecurity.  I sat at the restaurant and grocery table.  One of the persons at my table was the co-owner/manager of a local co-operative food store, Deep Roots Market (Greensboro, NC).  As I did mention my concern about calorically dense foods being heavily marketed, cheap and convenient to the point of  unavailability my new friend offered this.

At the Deep Roots Market, kids always get a free piece of fruit to eat while the adults are shopping.  This helps to keep kids happy and healthy.  I told him that was super awesome and would totally get in my blog!  Everyone I meet is subject to finding themselves in my blog.  The only thing I failed to clarify... I hope that it is always fresh and not dried fruit... which of course, would be calorically dense.

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