Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exercise Routine Update

Sorry for my lack of a post yesterday. 
After three days of studying for a challenging exam for which I felt ill prepared, I pretty much didn't have any energy left.

What I did do yesterday, as I have done nearly every Monday for one year if not two, is lift weights.  I never got around to sharing my Spring 2012 routine because it always felt tentative.  [and let me be clear, I refer to the seasons on the University schedule which in actuality makes no sense.  spring is really winter and summer is really spring]

As it turned out, for the past semester I did do my weight training on Monday and Thursday, swam only on Thursdays and ran four days and walked two (I added the second day about two months ago).

I believe that for the summer (starting yesterday) I will continue with Mon and Thurs for weights and swimming.  I have been pondering whether to add back a swim day or use Monday for a cycling day.  (recall that I lost my Monday cardio because of classes from 9 to 5 - Jan thru Apr).

Within the last month, I have added back a run day that I  gave up a year ago, Saturday, but in moderation.  I have started to run 3 miles before my 3 mile walk with NC Paula.  So with five days of running, approaching a regular 30 miles per week average, I feel that a cycling day (i.e 1+ hour of riding) is not the best approach.  My compromise is an occasional but not scripted long ride and a more regular use of my bicycle for commuting to campus.  

This leads me to the probable schedule below- and as usual I share this as a way to formalize my plan but more importantly, to motivate you to update and commit to yours.  (With rare exception, my workouts are always pre breakfast or morning events.)

Monday Weight Training (full body) and lap swimming (~ 1/2 mi/30 min)
Tuesday Run ~ 6-7 miles
Wednesday Run ~ 5-6 miles
Thursday Weight Training (full body) and swimming (perhaps kickboard and back stroke work, 30 min)
Friday Run ~ 6-7 mi, Walk with friend (45 min) pm
Saturday Run 3 mi, Walk with friend (60 min)
Sunday - the beloved LONG run -9-10 and counting...

BTW, I began tonight's blog with the intention of showing you yesterday's weight routine in pics, as it has left me appropriately sore, but I think I've gone on enough... perhaps tomorrow.

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