Friday, December 11, 2009

Exercise Definitions

Hello. I have two days to finish half of a novel, before it is due at the library, so I am cheating tonight by posting some information I have been working on for my up and coming website. I do hope you find it useful.

Exercise involves activity that is planned, repetitive and for the purpose of some type of conditioning, i.e cardiovascular, bone or muscular. It is a form of physical activity. Physical activity is often described with the following qualifiers:

Moderate-this is a very hard term to describe. It is often subjective. It has a lot to do with one’s current level of activity. This can be thought of as a five or six level of intensity with ten being the most intense you can do. Examples include brisk walking or cycling. These activities race the heart rate.
Vigorous – again, this is subjective. This involves a substantial change in heart rate and running or jogging is usually the standard for vigorous exercise. Some high impact aerobic classes and sports are also considered vigorous.
Impact – this is whether or not you are hitting the ground with any amount of force. Running for instance is considered a high impact activity as is step aerobics and plyometrics. The lowest impact, actually no impact activities are swimming and cycling. There is a continuum then. An elliptical machine other gym centered cardio equipment is usually low impact while walking is moderate impact.
Cardio activity is that which raises your heart rate for a sustained amount of time and this usually involves moderate or high impact activities. Many websites offer examples of cardiovascular or cardio-respiratory activity. Both intend to enhance oxygen consumption and the efficiency of the heart. Here is just one website in which to learn about cardio activity
Top Cardio Exercises
Resistance activity is your strength training. I have several videos available for you at You Tube but I also recommend this website Weight Training, Exercise Instruction & Kinesiology
Terms to be familiar with are sets and reps. Repetitions are the number of times you lift the weight and sets are the number of times you do that. For example, bicep curls. Two sets of eight reps with each arm.
It is important to get instruction on proper weight lifting techniques. Search for a certified personal trainer with an education in exercise physiology, science or kinesiology.
Balance activity is important for preventing falls as we age. Falls are the main risk factor for osteoporotic fracture. Use of the stability ball, plank exercises, yoga and pilates can all help in this area. Some fitness centers also offer core stability classes. Very simply you can practice balancing on one leg and that will help too.

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