Sunday, December 27, 2009

Resolve under Pressure

I think that I had mentioned around Thanksgiving time that my office was participating in a health challenge called Hold the Stuffing. In case you missed that post, it is a simple challenge that requires the participants to keep a steady weight from the Thanksgiving holiday to New Years. Specifically, one has to end the contest at the same weight they started by no more or LESS than two pounds.

The challenge puts a moratorium on dieting as well as over indulging. Nutrition experts developed the concept, I am just promoting it. The point is to enjoy a select few days of feasting without eating ones way through a month of parties.

My coworkers have done a fabulous job of maintaining their weights. Maybe it is because they are in a contest. Maybe because they weigh themselves weekly. Maybe because I send them weekly email reminders and tips. Maybe because they have great resolve - but more importantly, maybe the have less Pressure from friends, family and hosts to "HAVE MORE."

I have noticed over the last few weeks that for many people it isn't just their own weaknesses that they must contend with or battle, but also the urging of party hosts. "Oh do have more. Did you have pie? Which cookie would you like? Another glass of wine?"

It is tough to make it through the holiday without doing significant damage to the waistline and I wish I could make light of that, but there has been some concern that the pounds never come off. The idea behind Hold the Stuffing is to counteract the mindset of letting a minor indulgence turn into a "what the hell" mindset.
I heard just such a statement this evening and I suppose it inspired this blog. A very special person I know was pretty much throwing her hands up and saying, "oh just bring it", because she had eaten so much of so many things over so many days.

Unfortunately, the undoing of the damage requires far more work, time and commitment than the doing of the damage. If you are shaking your head in empathy and commiseration then so be it - no blame no shame just LEARN from this.

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