Saturday, December 12, 2009


You have an assignment today/tonight.

Get a piece of paper and a PENCIL.

I want you to take a personal inventory of your life for the past ten years or so. Seriously - do this now. Depending on your age; young, middle or older, your lists will be different. If you are 20 today, take yourself back to when you were ten. Where were you living? Who were your friends? What grade were you in? Were your parents married to each other? Don't write any of those answers, just use that as a guide to set your stage. If you are 40, think back to 30. Where were you working? Were you in a relationship? Did you own a home? If you are 80 - were you still working at 70? How many grand kids did you have? Was your spouse still living? Did you live on your own or in a facility? Okay - you got it? That is just your starting place.

Now make a list of things that have happened in your life from then to now. Personal things, such as - graduated school, bought a car, wrecked a car, got pregnant, etc and worldly things, such as -first black President, economic boom, economic crash...etc. Make sure your list is reflective of all of life, not just bad things and maybe not just good.

Here is my example in case you are struggling. Let's see 1999 - 2009.

I : rented an apartment, bought a house, sold a house, rented an apartment
changed jobs, went back to college, changed jobs, went back to college - moved three times... moved to another state
my father died
my beloved cat died, adopted another cat, new cat ran away
hurricane Katrina, Iraq, economic crash
ended a relationship, got a new car, ran it into the ground, got a BRAND new car
ran a marathon
fell off a horse

Make your list!

OKAY, now in and of itself, this is a good activity. It helps you to see that the years don't just go by with nothing to show. Life happens. Now if you are obese and have been obese and do not intend to change that - OR if you are a smoker and have been a smoker and do not intend to change that - ERASE your list.............

People who do not maintain a healthy weight and people who smoke tend to die ten years earlier than those who practice a more healthful lifestyle. [ it is NOT too late to change your ending]

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