Thursday, December 31, 2009


I don't plan to write much for tonight. It is the end of a year with celebrations of thankfulness, expectation and good riddance - my best to all of you.

I am excited that at least two health promotion related statutes or laws come into effect tomorrow. One is the ban of trans fats in foods sold in California restaurants - cool because there is NO level of TFA that the body needs and because any amount could be harmful. Which is EXACTLY the same thing I say about tobacco smoke. There is no safe level and any amount can harm you. Evidence will tell you that both are bad, but tobacco is far worse. Which makes the second statute even more important. Important, and damn near jaw dropping because it is in one of the tobacco states, North Carolina. A statewide indoor smoking ban goes into effect tomorrow..... incredible.

What I really want to focus on though is where you have been and where you are going in your quest for optimal health. I, myself, usually journal about this on New Years Eve or Day or both - even if I don't journal any other day of the year. I am holding out for tomorrow this time, so I have something to do on the plane!

I have a form that you can use for this reflection as part of the Hold the Stuffing challenge my coworkers are completing this week. Here is the link so that you can open and print the form for your own reflection and forward thinking statements!

And yes, I do have goals for 2010 - not in any particular order and certainly not ONLY these but I am thinking:
  • learn to play tennis
  • maybe racket ball too
  • run a second marathon
  • eat more during the day and less at night
  • plastic surgery???
  • education
  • romance

sigh........ I am tired just thinking about it all

Now - the New Year festivities await............

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