Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Respect Your Feet

Not only do I now have more respect for my feet, I also have it for a certain organization. Actually, I have always taken care of my feet as I am a runner and though I can get through many aches, pains and strains, I cannot run on a hurt foot.

When I heard about cosmetic foot surgery however, I was a bit aghast. I sought the opinion of the American Orthopedic Ankle and Foot Society also known as AOFAS. They issued a press release on this topic in June and you can read it here. It definitely cautions against having these surgeries, which include toe shortening and fat injections. Yes, because wearing high heels is often uncomfortable at the balls of the feet, some podiatrists will take fat from another part of the body and put it into that tender area. Comfort is only one of the reasons women, mostly, have this elective surgery. Another reason is to beautify the feet for the super exposure they get in what we women call strappy shoes. I am the last person that will have this surgery because for five or more years, I have eschewed heels in general. I do buy gel pads to put inside my shoes though and so I get that, and SURE it is nice to have something to do with the fat we don’t need, but the AOFAS is very clear to point out that the risks are significant with these procedures. I want to add that I am now impressed with the folks at AOFAS for more than their stance against the surgeries. I clicked around on their website and found a link regarding healthy eating. SEE – there is nothing that being overweight doesn’t effect. Along with encouraging us to maintain a health promoting weight, the clinicians suggest that we engage in regular physical activity to avoid arthritis. Additionally, they address osteoporosis and encourage adequate consumption of vitamin D and calcium. I also learned that one of the first indications that a person has osteoporosis is a stress fracture in the foot!

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